The right period panties

Choosing the right period panties can really be a headache! The many brands and models available on the market do not make it easy and while some menstrual underwear has already proven its effectiveness others are of questionable quality or do not offer the protection sought. So how do you make the right choice?

Here are some answers! Certainly menstrual underwear is one of the best recent inventions and today many women have already voted to trust it! Its advantages are multiple compared to conventional disposable protections such as sanitary napkins and tampons, which are at the center of many debates, suspected of being endocrine disruptors and of having carcinogenic effects due to the chemical elements and toxic substances in their composition.

Generally, period pants are much more environmentally friendly and do not contain elements that are harmful to human health and the environment! It also has much higher draining capacities thanks to its several absorbent layers lined with waterproof and breathable membranes which provide excellent protection against leaks.

AMEISSY has the ambition to offer even more indisputable qualities to its menstrual underwear!


- Elaborated in every detail with more high quality natural fabrics - hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Cotton, merino wool and modal are carefully combined to bring you more satisfaction, softness, comfort and well-being. Our underwear is made in Europe with materials of European origin Oeko-tex® STANDARD 100 and Lenzing certified

- 5 different absorption levels ideally suited to your needs and expectations!

- Affordable prices! More quality for adequate prices and irresistible offers!

- Ameissy says NO to boring or limited color models. The Ameissy range is beautiful, colorful and sexy. Perfectly suited to all body types and figures and sizes that vary from S to 4XL.

- Innovative panties! Another novelty that AMEISSY offers at very attractive prices are innovative models where modern fabrics printed with different patterns replace all the trimmings and elastics for even more comfort and a feeling of well-being without anything embarrassing!

 - Unlike many other brands of menstrual underwear our Fabric in contact with the intimate area is made of Fine merino wool - a natural material that prevents bacterial formation. Pleasant and soft, this antibacterial material does not retain unpleasant odors and perfectly absorbs the liquid by transmitting it to the following absorbent layers.

- Even more ecological! All our underwear is certified by LENZING-BEST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT




Feminine and Sublime Ameissy menstrual underwear wants to be more than ordinary boring period panties!

Ameissy Underwear is Pretty, Effective and Comfortable to wear because every woman must remain elegant, confident, protected and relaxed during her period!

In short Ameissy is the panty that cares about your intimate comfort!

Ameissy-Period panties