Period Panties

They are durable and washable panties which thanks to modern hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials allow to absorb flow during menstruation as well as vaginal discharge or urinary incontinency. The period panties replace conventional protections such as tampons or sanitary pads.

The Ameissy panty is developed on the basis of modern and advanced technology which combines innovative materials in 4 layers:
• The first top layer drains the flow to the absorbent part and dries immediately to avoid sense of humidity – it is made of merino wool - MERINO WOOL - it is one of the rare natural materials that has strong antibacterial properties and prevents bacterial formation. This exceptional genuine material protects against irritation, infection or release of unpleasant odors.
• The middle absorbent layer is a thin fabric that quickly absorbs and retains fluids. It dries quickly and does not retain unpleasant odors. This layer is ultra-absorbent and is included in some models with enhanced absorption capacity - Day +, Night and 24 hours.
• The third layer is a sophisticated thin PUL membrane that is waterproof but also breathable. The membrane is made up of two parts - one absorbent and one moisture proof. This layer at the same time is very thin and prevents leakage of the flow by allowing only the water contained in the blood flow to evaporate with the heat of the body.
• The last bottom layer or the outer component of the panty is made of cotton and modal - materials suitable for the most sensitive skin types. This high value fabric is used to make the highest quality knitwear and that is why we chose it for our Ameissy lingerie.

It depends on the absorption level you have chosen as well as the abundance of your flow. Our range offers you the choice of protection from 6 to 24 hours at a time.

No, our panties are made of modern, very breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics, they have undergone a special antibacterial treatment and there is no unpleasant odor.

The fabrics of our panties are of high quality, ecological, breathable and with European origin. Unlike other period panties our menstrual underwear is essentially made of modal and cotton / except elastic and TPU membrane/. All the fabrics are certified, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. No silver nanoparticles are used and there is no risk for toxic shock syndrome from our underwear. Our panties do not contain any element that could harm your body.

Unlike many other period panties manufactured outside the European Union we affirm with all Pride and Transparency that our Ameissy menstrual underwear is designed and manufactured in Bulgaria which has become one of the textile capitals in Europe.
Bulgaria, European Union member state for almost fifteen years, has a concentration of more than 3000 garment manufacturing workshops in the south of the country, representing one of the most important textile productions in Europe, with the biggest World Famous Groups manufacturing a large part of their collections there.

First of all the Ameissy panties provide total protection and absolute comfort from 6 up to 24 hours (depending on the model and the absorbency) without changing your panties while all the conventional protections /like tampons and pads/ need to be changed every 2 -3 hours. All materials in the Ameissy panties are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable and odor-resistant and do not contain any substances harmful to you and the environment unlike most sanitary pads made of plastic and chemical materials.

Thanks to the innovative and highly effective fabrics, the Ameissy panties are designed to serve flawlessly for a long time. If maintained correctly according to our instructions, their lifespan can reach 3 to 5 years or more.

Shipping policy

We ship worldwide. The "CUSTOMER" can choose between two delivery methods :

1. an express shipping by DHL Express; or

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The standard shipping rates to France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal and Greece are 3.29€ and they are fixed for all products.

Free shipping on EU orders over €65 and on orders worldwide over €120!

The fact that our period panties are produced in the European Community guarantees you fast delivery within a few days to all European countries unlike other suppliers where the shipping may take several weeks.

The DHL Express delivery time is 1 - 5 business days from the shipping date  and 5 - 15 business days for the standard postal delivery time by DHL GlobalMail. The time varies depending on the destination country.

1.for France, Germany and other EU countries normally the delivery time:

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2.for other countries outside Europe the delivery time:

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In this case contact us on and we will find a solution together.

Returns and exchanges

If you wish to return one or more items, you can return them within 30 days after their receipt and you must make sure that the returned products must be returned in their original packaging and the packaging must NOT be opened. Then, all you have to do is fill out our return form and follow the instructions. The return costs are at your expense. As soon as the return parcel has been checked, the refund will be made within 10 business days.

Ameissy does not offer standard product exchanges and if you want a new size, another model or another colour, you can make a new order on!

You have 30 days after receiving them to change your mind and request a refund. Obviously, in this case the Ameissy panties should neither had been worn nor washed. It must be returned to us in its original packaging in the condition indicated above.

About Ameissy

Ameissy is much more than a period underwear, it is a philosophy, a revolution!
Designed and developed in every detail the Ameissy concept is dedicated to all Women to offer them a better alternative during their period than ordinary protections (tampons, pads) made of plastic and chemicals. For your well-being and comfort, we bring you a clever and adapted solution which accompanies you in your daily life in complete safety. By choosing the Ameissy menstrual panties you are choosing absolute comfort, exquisite quality, total protection and a very affordable price. Of course, our period panties are also pretty, sexy and agreeable to wear. Ameissy cares about quality and thus our panties have been developed and designed on the basis of advanced research in collaboration with great expert tailors and textile engineers. The fabrics of our panties are of high quality, ecological, breathable, with European origin. Ameissy is a new generation of period underwear that offers you up to 24 hours of absolute protection. Very thin and comfortable, you will love to wear it during your period days!

Ecological and with respect for Nature

Ameissy is also firmly
committed to nature and that is why the composition of our certified menstrual
underwear does not contain any substances that are hazardous to you and to the
environment. In addition, being very durable, washable and reusable over the
course of several years there will be much less waste for the planet unlike
tampons and pads, which are thrown away every day!

Briefly, Ameissy are the period panties that protect you during your cycle! Because you deserve to remain confident, protected, relaxed during this not always easy period. With Ameissy, you will quickly forget your period and you will love wearing these panties in complete safety, with abandon and comfort.