Menstruation - the end of a taboo!

Menstruation and period panties

Today we see a lot of advertisings about period panties constantly scrolling around the web - especially when you are targeted by software algorithms! This is perhaps so given that period panties are increasingly talking about them and are introducing themselves as a small revolution in the daily life of women, gradually transforming themselves into their preferred choice over conventional disposable protections. 


Reusable underwear

You may not know it yet, but reusable menstrual underwear is conquering the market for standard protections like sanitary napkins and tampons!

Women now talk about it at evenings with girlfriends and describe the concept well - that of a underwear that looks like classic underwear but which, thanks to absorbent and draining layers lined by waterproof surfaces also plays the role of hygienic protection. ! Cool, isn't it!

Certainly, period panties are a revolutionary concept that fundamentally changes the menstrual habits of women. All they have to do is put on their period panties like they do every day with their daily underwear. No more tampons or sanitary napkins are needed! This underwear is completely self-sufficient and is able to collect the flow of periods for several hours. Some models even provide protection for 12 to 24 hours straight when, for example, you are traveling or you cannot change!

No more taboos

Hide that blood you don't want to see! Menstruation was largely excluded from the public sphere. Yet it is important to talk about it, let's be open-minded, it is high time to put an end to certain inequalities.