Description of the 5 sustainability criteria

  • Reusable products – All Ameissy period underwear models are reusable, being a more sustainable and ecological alternative to the products used in incontinency and disposable hygienic products and materials.
  • Utilization of ecologically pure materials – In the production of Ameissy underwear we use only more environmentally friendly materials that are not hazardous for human health, naturally generated, certified for composting and biodegradation in industrial, domestic, terrestrial and marine conditions, so that they could be returned to nature without polluting it.
  • Using ecological and more stable packages.
  • More sustainable production – our production process involves ecologically pure methods and technologies, protecting the environment.
  • Responsibilities to labor – In all our production process we and our partners practice ethic standards protecting the workers, directed against human rights violations. No child/minors labor or unregulated working hours are allowed. We comply with European standards and requirements to human rights at work.