How to use
Ameissy panties


From light to heavy, every woman’s flow is different. It is also variable during each menstrual cycle. Thus Ameissy offers you a solution for each flow.


Levels of Absorbency

LIGHT Absorbency

Flow – 5 ml = 1 tampon
Use – Created for light flow, white losses and light urinary leakage /4-6 hours/.

Models with LIGHT absorbency:
MIAMI tanga

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Levels of Absorbency

MEDIUM Absorbency

Flow – 10 ml = 2-3 tampons
Use – Suitable for medium or moderate flow but also at the
beginning and end of the menstrual cycle /6-8 hours/.

Models with MEDIUM absorbency:
SOFIA bikini, PARIS bikini & VENICE hipster

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Levels of Absorbency

DAY+ Absorbency

Flow – 15ml = 3 tampons
Use – Created for moderate to heavy menstrual flow, leakage
or light to moderate urine flow. Practical for every day of the cycle and for medium or heavy flows during the day /8-10 hours/.

Models with DAY+ absorbency:
SOFIA bikini, PARIS bikini & VENICE hipster

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Levels of Absorbency

NIGHT Absorbency

Flow – 25ml = 4-5 tampons
Use – Designed for more intensive flows. Reinforced panties to
contain flow all night or when you are lying down or in a state of rest. This model will
completely protect your sheets from any risk of stains /10-12 hours/.

Models with NIGHT absorbency:
SOFIA bikini & PARIS bikini

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Levels of Absorbency

24-HOURS Absorbency

Flow – 50ml = 10 tampons
Use – Designed for all very heavy or hemorrhagic flows. Reinforced
to contain flow for a longer period of time or when you are on the move (travel) and you do not have the ability to change for more than 12 hours /12-24 hours/.

Models with 24-HOURS absorbency:
SOFIA bikini

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How to maintain
your panties


When you receive your Ameissy panties, wash them for the first time before wearing them, as you would do with any standard underwear in contact with your skin! The first wash also allows increasing the absorption capacity.


Once you have worn them, rinse under cold water in a sink or in a basin until the water runs clear. No need to let it soak, a simple quick rinse is all it takes.


After rinsing your underwear under clean water, you can then wash it in the washing machine with your other clothes without worrying about the risk of stains! We advise you to put your underwear in a washing net to prevent the lace from being damaged by snags with the zippers of other clothes.


Select a low temperature wash at 30° or 40°C. If you wish, you can wash your menstrual underwear by hand. Preferably, use a hypoallergenic detergent without fabric softener and avoid detergents with glycerin.


Putting the underwear in the dryer can damage the fabrics and we do not recommend it. This will extend the life of the delicate and natural materials that make up the absorbent area. If you have the possibility, choose air-drying. Because of the same reasons avoid ironing your panties.