Our Story

Kate - Founder of Ameissy


As a woman and mother of a daughter, my first reaction was buying and testing period panties. However, I did not expect that I would face any unexpected difficulties, as those products could be ordered only online.
The products I came across were either too expensive or had too expensive delivery costs or a cheap product with dubious quality. I received my first period panties with enormous efforts and an extraordinarily long delay.

Still, shortly I was disappointed because those models claimed to be "period underwear," but they did not have the necessary qualities, or the protection was insufficient. The materials did not come up to our expectations.

Ameissy – We care about your intimate comfort

This is how AMEISSY was born! Our knowledge, expertise, and willingness gave us the confidence to believe that we could create a product that had better quality, more affordable cost, and above all, which ensured much better protection!

Our AMEISSY period underwear is created and manufactured in the European Community with high-quality European fabrics, certified and corresponding to all standards and requirements of European regulations. Most of the used materials and fabrics are of natural origin. Our period panties are manufactured in modern garment workshops, certified with leading expert tailors and textile engineers.

Ameissy gives a 100% guarantee that every element - from the fiber to the label and the packaging - is made in strict accordance with ecological principles. Ameissy also has a firm commitment to nature because our certified period underwear components do not contain any substances harmful to you and the environment. In addition – as our panties are very durable, washable, and reusable over many years, there will be much less waste on the planet, unlike the amounts of tampons and pads that are disposed of every day!

We also stand by our 100 percent promise that no minors or children were used in any part of our period underwear manufacture or any component.

I present our line with great pride, every feature of which was carefully considered and created so that all women have a
better option during their period than usual doubtful protections (tampons, pads) made of plastic and chemical ingredients.

I offer you a clever and adapted solution for your well-being and comfort, which accompanies you in your daily life in complete safety.