Period of Menstruation - How to be comfortable and effectively protected during this not always easy time!

Period - Protection - Comfort

Almost all women have experienced embarrassing situations during menstruation, whether at school, at work, in public places or during various social activities. And, who knows why it's when you're dressed in light-colored clothing that leaks happen, and coincidentally you don't have any spare hygienic protection on you! It is panic, discomfort and above all the fear that it will happen again!

Period panties

Today a more reliable alternative exists! It's the period panties or the the menstruation underwear!

In the composition of this lingerie are included several absorbent layers which are lined by waterproof surfaces but at the same time breathable! This special underwear looks like the classic lingerie you wear every day and is cared for the same! It is completely self-sufficient, so no more tampons or sanitary napkins! Great - but is it that effective? Absolutely, if the period panties are of good quality!

In general, menstrual lingerie offers at least 3 types of protection: for light flow, medium flow and heavy flow!


Contrary to what you think period panties can provide you with better protection and comfort during your period than disposable tampons or pads! In addition, the risk of leaks practically does not exist thanks to the innovative and highly absorbent materials and fabrics. No need to change your protection every 2-3 hours because some models of menstrual lingerie are able to completely protect you for more than 12 hours without the need for change!

Also, being reusable and durable, period panties are environmentally friendly and contain no elements that are harmful to your health and the environment, unlike conventional protections which contain toxic chemical substances and elements in their composition.

Menstrual lingerie respects your skin and will not cause irritation or toxic shocks, not to mention all its economic, ecological and everyday practical aspects.

Convinced? Don't hesitate, try on this revolutionary lingerie and you won't remember your period!